March 1, 2013

Root Beer BBQ Crock pot Chicken

The only pop I drink is root beet or sierra mist, so when I saw this root beer bbq chicken recipe for the crock pot I knew I wanted to try it out. 

Chicken Breasts
1 cup root beet
2 cups bbq sauce

Put chicken in crock pot. 

Mix together root beet and bbq sauce. 

Pour bbq root beer into crock pot, sprinkle pepper on top and cook on low for 4-6 hours. 

Before serving shred chick and serve on burger buns. 

I don't have an after picture, because I was really hungry and didn't take one. Oops!

Also, my sister made this about a week before me and she just cooked her chicken in the root beer, then once she shredded the chicken and put in on buns, she poured the bbq sauce on top. 

Either way works and they both were pretty tasty! 

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