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January 26, 2015

The Bride Box

A few months ago I came across this company called The Bride Box on Facebook.  It's a monthly subscription box service for future brides. Each month they send you different items that could be used for your wedding or as gifts for your fiance or wedding party.  It is $35 a month plus shipping.

I am on month five and I have loved everything I've gotten so far.  There have been a box or two where I didn't think it was worth the $35, but I still liked everything I got.

I've been using the hair ties since I opened this box and will be using the little cake topper at our shower. I can't decide if I want to keep the earrings or gift them. They're really cute. 

The wine glass says Bride to Be 2015 and I love the cards too.

I love this Mrs. bag and will be sporting it on our honeymoon.

This box had cute stuff, but not sure that I will use it since it's holiday related and I'm getting married in June. 

The first one I received was probably my favorite with the forks that are engraved with 'I Do' and the mason jar glasses, which I plan to use at our reception. 

Want to try out The Bride box? Just click here- when you sign up enter Melanie Sonnenberg and and you'll receive $5 off your first box. Let me know what you think! 

*This is not a sponsored post. I purchased Bride Box on my own because I am a bride to be and knew I would love it. I was in no way compensated for my time or opinions*

December 22, 2014

Gimme a KISS!

I recently signed up for Influenster. It's a product review company.  Influenster sends out products for free and all you have to do is review them.  You can earn points for doing other tasks. The more points the more likely you are to get picked for future reviews.  You can also link your social media accounts to help them see what influence you have on others.  Within a week of signing up, I had a free box of chocolate in my mail box waiting to be devoured.

My first box was chocolate. Hershey kisses to be exact. I decided to try to pace myself so I didn't eat them all and I made some brownies with the kisses in them.  Very yummy.  We definitely loved them.  I saw some other people received the candy canes ones which sound delicious, so I'll be off to the store soon to buy some of those.

I'm so glad I was picked to "test" out the Hershey Kisses. We enjoyed every last one of them.  Want to sign up? Just click here.

*I did receive these for free in exchange for my honest review of them. All opinions are 100% my own* 

December 16, 2014

Stitch Fix Review

A few months ago, I signed up for Nadine West and I also signed up for Stitch Fix.  They are basically the same, but in the end I only decided to continue on with one of them.

My big box arrived and inside were my clothes all nicely wrapped up and a letter that explains the whole process. There were also style cards that showed what to pair each item with to create an awesome outfit. 

First thing I tried on was this yellow shirt. I really liked it. Yellow is my favorite color and I have a thing for stripes. However, the price is what was the deciding factor. $58  That's about $40 more than I normally spend on shirts. So I decided to pass. 

Next up was this chevron tank and infinity scarf. I didn't like the scarf at all. It was big and bulky and I just didn't like the feel of it. It was $38. 

The tank was very comfortable and I really liked it. However, at $54 it was also out of my budget. 

I passed on both of these. 

Next up were these boyfriend jeans. Super comfortable and they fit really well.  They were $68. 

I also received this gray asymmetrical cardigan. It's fit was a little weird for me and I really didn't think I would wear it that often to justify spending $58 on it. 

I also passed on both of these items. 

Whatever you don't keep you just stick in the prepaid envelope and return. However, you do have to pay a $20 styling fee before your items are sent to you. If you buy something that $20 is deducted from the amount. If you don't buy anything you lose that $20. I decided that I would return everything so I unfortunately lost my $20 styling fee. I also decided that all of these items were way out of my price range and I couldn't just keep spending $20 each month with the possibility of not getting anything so I decided to not continue with my subscription.  I have a few friends that receive Stitch Fix boxes and really like the items they receive. For now, I'm just sticking with Nadine West

*This post is not sponsored by Stitch Fix or Nadine West. The links are affiliate links, but I purchased Stitch Fix and Nadine West on my own and was in no way compensated for this review from either company*

October 16, 2014

[Giveaway] Citrus Lane Gift Box Subscription

Back in March of 2013 I posted our review of Citrus Lane. We got a few months of the box, and then decided not to renew. We liked it, but we were in the process of moving and finances were tight.  I still go back and forth often about renewing our subscription.  I was recently contacted about a giveaway they are hosting through Moms Affiliate.

Interested in entering? Check it out below!

Interested in signing up for our own subscription of Citrus Lane? Just click here.

October 10, 2014

Nadine West

*Disclaimer- I did not receive these items for free. I purchased Nadine West simply because I love clothes!  All links are affiliate links, but this review is 100% my own opinions.

I have been trying out different subscription box services over the past month. They've slowly been arriving on my door step and I am loving it. It's like Christmas, but without Santa.

This time I tried out Nadine West. They are a monthly clothing service. When you create your profile on their website you can pick your style of clothes and jewelry and they send you items that fit your style.  Unlike other clothing subscription services, you don't have to pay a styling fee or anything like that. You only pay if you keep an item.

My package arrived in a cute pink envelope.  Inside was my items and a letter welcoming me to Nadine West and explaining the whole process. It had the prices for each item listed, should I decide to keep anything. Also included was a return address label, they pay shipping too!

As soon as I pulled out the shirt I loved it! I may have even said "Oh I love it" out loud to myself.  The jewelry wasn't quite my style since I'm a stay at home mom and don't go out often it was just a little to fancy for me.  

I ran upstairs and put this on over a black cami and then wasn't as happy. I still loved the tank itself, but it was too big for me. I wore it for a while to see if maybe I wouldn't mind it being too big (can you tell I really wanted to keep this)  But in the end I decided to send it back along with the jewelry. 

On the letter, they ask for comments so they can mark them in your profile so they know what you do and don't like. I just wrote that I would of kept the top had it been the right size and the jewelry was too fancy.  I also went back online and redid my style profile and adjusted my size and jewelry style. 

I sadly put everything back in the shiny pink envelope and sealed it up and put it in the mailbox.  I can't wait for next month though!! 

Wanna try out Nadine West? Just click here to sign up!

*All links are affiliate links*

October 7, 2014


A while ago I received a code for a free snack box from Graze.  They are a snack box that is delivered through the mail. You can get boxes once a week or you can change your frequency to fit your budget.

My first box arrived and it was mostly nuts, so Mike devoured those. I ordered another box (shown above) and that one had a little more variety, again Mike devoured it. He said everything was really good.   You can go through all the snacks they offer and pick if you would like to try them or never try them, which is nice so you're not getting something you wouldn't eat. 

Each box also includes the nutritional info for each snack. 

So, you want to try it out? Just click here for your first box for FREE!! If you like it and order more, you also get your 5th box FREE!! 

*I was in no way compensated for this post. I just chose to share my experience with you*

June 8, 2013

May Kiwi Crate

I know I just shared a review of the March crate, but this one was probably the best one we've received so far so I wanted to share it with you guys. 

It was a feathered friends theme and Marley made a bird costume, bird nest and two eggs. 

I helped her with the nest and we each painted an egg. While I was off seeing Wicked, Mike helped her with the bird costume. 

If you are interested in try out Kiwi Crate for your kiddos just click here

This post was in no way sponsored by Kiwi Crate and I was not compensated for my time or review. 

March 29, 2013

March Kiwi Crate Review

I signed Marley up for a monthly subscription to Kiwi Crate back in November. She loves getting them in the mail and making each little craft.

This month the theme was Secret Agent. Her crate had two crafts, a periscope and a disguise kit. 

It also had an invisible ink pen. That's probably the coolest part! 

She jumped right in and was able to make the disguise masks herself. 

After she was done playing with the masks I helped her make the periscope. Sometimes the crafts require a lot of adult help and sometimes they don't. 

We spent some time spying Mike while he was outside fixing his car. 

This is the sixth crate that Marley's received. I have been very pleased with all of them. 

Interested in signing up? Just click here

This post is in no way sponsored by Kiwi Crate. I was not compensated for my review.

March 25, 2013

March Citrus Lane Review

This is the second month that both kids have received the Citrus Lane boxes. Mason also received the box in January, but at that time they didn't offer boxes for children older than 3, but now they do. I was pretty pleased with what was in their boxes. I did, however, decide to cancel Marley's but only because she gets Kiwi Crate too and she seems to like that more.

 The boxes came on Marley's birthday so she thought they were a present for her. 

Here's Mason's box. He got Art Cards from Wee Gallery, a Green Ring Teether, an Easy-to-go feeding set, two packets of food from NurturMe, Calendula Weather Protection Cream and a $20 coupon from Just Fab (for me)

Citrus Lane always sends on item for moms too. Last month it was facial toner. 

Here's Marley's box. She got a Cloud B Slumber Pillow, Ivy & Bean Paper Doll Set, Jungle Tattoos, Just Bananas and another $20 from Just Fab.  

Her favorite things were the pillow, and the tattoos. She did play with the dolls which shocked me, because she doesn't normally play with dolls.  

Citrus Lane boxes are $25 a month and they send age and gender specific items. If you want to sign up, just click here.

*I was not compensated for my post. I did not receive the boxes for free. However, all links are affiliate links*

November 30, 2012

Kiwi Crate Review

I first heard of Kiwi Crate through a friend. It looked interesting and like something Marley would enjoy, but at the time it was a little too pricey for us.  With Mike starting his new job, I decided to splurge on a monthly subscription for Marley. 

Her November box arrived the other day and she dove right in. It was the Carnegie Hall Making Music Crate.  Each box has 2-3 crafts in it. This one had a xylophone and rhythm bells.  The crafts are geared towards 3-7 year olds and each comes with instructions (with pictures)  Marley needed very little help from me once I read her the instructions. 

Getting started. Apparently Zeus had to check it out too. 

Done, now it's music time. 

She played a "song" and then immediately asked to do the next one. 

Done with the rhythm bells. Now it's time to rock out! (Marley loves rock n roll music so I'm sure she thought she was playing rock n roll) 

Overall, I think Marley really enjoyed this, and it only took her about 15-20 minutes to make both crafts. I'm excited to see the December one! 

Does anyone else subscribe to Kiwi Crate? If you want to try it out, they're having lots of holiday specials right now, and I have a coupon if anyone is interested.

Want to sign up? Just click here.