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October 7, 2014


A while ago I received a code for a free snack box from Graze.  They are a snack box that is delivered through the mail. You can get boxes once a week or you can change your frequency to fit your budget.

My first box arrived and it was mostly nuts, so Mike devoured those. I ordered another box (shown above) and that one had a little more variety, again Mike devoured it. He said everything was really good.   You can go through all the snacks they offer and pick if you would like to try them or never try them, which is nice so you're not getting something you wouldn't eat. 

Each box also includes the nutritional info for each snack. 

So, you want to try it out? Just click here for your first box for FREE!! If you like it and order more, you also get your 5th box FREE!! 

*I was in no way compensated for this post. I just chose to share my experience with you*