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October 10, 2014

Nadine West

*Disclaimer- I did not receive these items for free. I purchased Nadine West simply because I love clothes!  All links are affiliate links, but this review is 100% my own opinions.

I have been trying out different subscription box services over the past month. They've slowly been arriving on my door step and I am loving it. It's like Christmas, but without Santa.

This time I tried out Nadine West. They are a monthly clothing service. When you create your profile on their website you can pick your style of clothes and jewelry and they send you items that fit your style.  Unlike other clothing subscription services, you don't have to pay a styling fee or anything like that. You only pay if you keep an item.

My package arrived in a cute pink envelope.  Inside was my items and a letter welcoming me to Nadine West and explaining the whole process. It had the prices for each item listed, should I decide to keep anything. Also included was a return address label, they pay shipping too!

As soon as I pulled out the shirt I loved it! I may have even said "Oh I love it" out loud to myself.  The jewelry wasn't quite my style since I'm a stay at home mom and don't go out often it was just a little to fancy for me.  

I ran upstairs and put this on over a black cami and then wasn't as happy. I still loved the tank itself, but it was too big for me. I wore it for a while to see if maybe I wouldn't mind it being too big (can you tell I really wanted to keep this)  But in the end I decided to send it back along with the jewelry. 

On the letter, they ask for comments so they can mark them in your profile so they know what you do and don't like. I just wrote that I would of kept the top had it been the right size and the jewelry was too fancy.  I also went back online and redid my style profile and adjusted my size and jewelry style. 

I sadly put everything back in the shiny pink envelope and sealed it up and put it in the mailbox.  I can't wait for next month though!! 

Wanna try out Nadine West? Just click here to sign up!

*All links are affiliate links*