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January 1, 2015

Top 10 of 2014

Happy 2015.  It's time for my top 10 of 2014 list. I did this last year and it's interesting to look back on and see how the past year went. 

Top 10 recipes of 2014

Top 10 Family Moments

We vacationed- part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Overall, we had a great year.  2015 is going to be really great. (wedding and honeymoon!!) 

February 6, 2013

Ice skating

Marley's bestie Gracie bought her ice skating lessons for Christmas. They go every Thursday for 45 minutes. It's only a month long, but I really appreciate Gracie's mom getting it for Marley, because she really enjoys it, and she loves spending time with Gracie.  Their first week, Brandi (Gracie's mom) picked up Marley and took them. She said Marley did really good, and Gracie kept falling down. The second week Gracie was sick so they didn't go =(.  This past week, Mike and I were able to go to the skate place to watch them. Marley was falling all the time and Gracie was doing awesome. I think Marley was just falling because it was fun and the other kids were doing it. Goof ball!  

Marley's in the purple coat and mohawk helmet. Gracie is in pink pants and cat helmet. 

On the way home she crashed out. This was the same day that we saw Disney on Ice so she had a lot of skating in one day. 

August 15, 2012


Meet Ryan. He's Mason's best friend (they have no say in this matter)  Ryan was born 18 days after Mason.  Ever since the first time they met Ryan has cried in every picture of the two of them together. Maybe he doesn't want to be Mason's friend?  But finally we got one of neither one crying, but they're separated haha.

Mason is 20 days old and Ryan is 2 days old
1 month old
3 months old
As you can see Ryan started out so small compared to Mason but has quickly passed him up. It will be so much fun watching these two grow up together.

Also recently Laura and Annabelle came out for a visit. They were out over Memorial Day and met Mason then, but I never posted the pictures.

Mason is almost 2 months old and Annabelle is 5 months old

Mason at 4 months and Annabelle is 7 months.
And now onto Marley's friend Gracie.  We've known Gracie and her mom Brandi since Marley was just a few months old. Gracie is 4 days older than Marley and they were born at the same hospital too! I met Brandi through a local mom's group.  Over the past year we haven't gotten the girls together as much as usual but once we do get them together they have a BLAST!

This is the first picture of the two of them that I can find. They were 1 year old. 

Maybe almost 2 here

2 years old  &  3 years old  

4 years old
Marley loves when she's with Gracie and always "talks on the phone" to Gracie.

December 27, 2011

Meet Annabelle

My friend Laura that I've known since 6th grade finally had her baby! She was due on Christmas day but ended up being born on the 17th (A day after Laura's birthday)  They live in Ohio and originally hadn't planned on coming out here until the middle of January =(  Laura texted me on the 23rd and said she was coming out here this week! This made my Christmas. haha! So, here she is- Annabelle Christine. Born Dec. 17th. 5lbs 13 oz. She's so cute and so tiny!

Love that little nose! 

Marley and Annabelle. Marley was very good around her. I'll admit I was a little scared on the drive over that Marley was going to be a crazy child. 

Annabelle, Jacki (22 weeks pregnant), Me (28 weeks), Marley, and Laura

September 4, 2011

Labor Day!

Here are a few pictures from our Labor Day weekend.  I went to a friend's house to visit and Mike and Marley went to my parents house to ride the go-kart and got extremely muddy!

Jacki and I have been friends since 2nd grade. And Laura moved here in 6th grade and the three of us have been friends ever since. 

I'm 11 weeks pregnant and Laura is 23 weeks. Due on Christmas day! (Update- Jacki was 8 weeks pregnant in this picture, but it was still a secret)

Before their ride
After their ride. She loved it!