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July 25, 2014

InstaFriday 13

We are currently on the 10 hour drive home from vacation. I'll be posting all about it next week, but here's an Instagram sneak peak for this weeks instafriday hosted by Life Rearranged.

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July 18, 2014

InstaFriday 12

Here I am again with my 12th week of InstaFriday hosted by Life Rearranged.

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Reading to Cody the therapy dog at the library

Spotted a deer while out for a walk in the woods

Mike went skydiving

Unloading stuff from storage and found my beloved Todd

The kids playing with my old Littlest Pet Shop toys

Marley woke me up at 7:30am to tell me there was a deer with antlers in the backyard. When I got up a while later she had fallen back to sleep with her favorite cat. 

July 15, 2014

School Work Photobooks

Two years ago when Marley was in preschool, she was bringing home tons of papers every day.  I hated to throw them out so I decided that I would make a school work photo book from Shutterfly with them.  Every few weeks I would just scan in her papers, and then that allowed me to recycle them without feeling bad about it. 

Once I had them all scanned in I just uploaded them to their website and kept them in order of when she did them.  The first 20 pages are included with the book, then it's an additional fee per page. I didn't want to go way overboard, since I actually got her preschool book free from Pamper's Rewards.   To help figure out how many photos per page, I just divided the number of photos by 20 pages.  Since it was an uneven number, I did add some photos from her field trips and class parties in there too.  

Some of her larger art projects required more space on the page so I just chose a different layout.  

I just finished her kindergarten book too, following the same steps as before.  However, this time I didn't have a free code, so I had to wait for a good sale.  Shutterfly's sales usually last a day or two so I really had to hurry to finish scanning everything and uploading it and rearranging it on every page.  

I had 23 pages and it was about $30 for the book and shipping.  Not too expensive for a whole years worth of school work.  

I think for next year, I will scan and upload as I go so once a good sale shows up, I won't be rushing to make it before it expires.  

On the front cover of the book is her picture from the first day of school, and on the back is her picture from the last day. It's so crazy how much she's grown in just 9 months. 

On the spine I just put her name and the grade so when they're on the shelf I can keep them all in order. 

I don't know how long I'll continue doing these for her because once she gets into higher grades they bring home less fun projects and more work. I will start making them for Mason though in just a few short years. 

July 11, 2014

InstaFriday 11

I'm back again for InstaFriday, hosted by Life Rearranged.   I'm growingto4 on Instagram if you want to follow me.
Happy Fourth of July

Found a mouse in the garage. We let him go in the woods.

Indiana Beach with my best friend.

We saved probably 75 tadpoles from someones pool and released them in the creek 

Zeus loves the muddy creek, He doesn't love baths though

Headed to Mishawaka for Sonic and shopping

She swims every day and makes me watch every trick she does

He learns from his sister. 

Picked up a balance bike for Mason for $3. 

Our backyard view.

Thanks for stopping by! See ya next week!

July 10, 2014


I'm sure everyone out there takes a lot more pictures with their phones than a regular camera. It's just a lot more convenient.  I have more photos of our everyday life on my phone, but I do take my camera if we're going somewhere special.  I stumbled across this app on my phone called GrooveBook and decided since the first month was free I would give it a try.

Each month you upload 100 pictures and they send them to you in a little book with a designed cover.  It's only $2.99 a month!!  Each photo has a perforated edge so you can tear them out and it also has the date you took the photo stamped on the edge. 

Depending on your camera settings some fill the whole page while others have a white border on them.  I don't care about that, but I've read some comments that people don't like that, but you can change your phone settings to fix that I guess. 

If you don't have 100 each month you can order multiples of certain photos and then just tear them out. You can also order additional books each month if you have more than 100. 

 I keep all mine in their books and just stick them on the book shelf with all my other photo albums.  

If you want to try them out, just download the GrooveBook app on your phone and use my coupon code below to get your first month FREE!  

*This is not a sponsored post. I was not paid for my time or my review of this product. I just like it and thought I would share my opinion*

July 4, 2014

InstaFriday 10

Since I overloaded you with pictures from the last 6 months last week, this week only has a few pictures.  Please follow me on instagram. My name is growingto4.

My parents moved out of the house they've lived in for the last 20 years.  

Throwback Thursday photo of me and my grandpa.

Found this guy while moving the pool after all the water leaked out. 

We bought a hammock.  Best money ever spent. Wishing we would of got the bigger one though but I'm watching the sales for it to go on clearance.

We've had massive amounts of rain lately and the yard is full of these tiny baby toads.  

Using his Mickey rug as a blanket. He even talks to the mickey on it. He's silly.