March 7, 2013

February Marley talk

There were some boys walking down the street. 
Marley says "oh my friends"
Me- "those are not your friends, those are teenage boys"
Marley-"oh maybe one of them can be my boyfriend"

After Marley's first soccer game she walked up to me and said "Those other kids are too freaking fast"

My parents are on vacation and I was explaining to Marley where they went
Marley- "why do they have to go on vacation all the time"
Me- "because they just like to go on trips together"
Marley- "why can't grandpa go by himself" 

This one is actually from Mike, but it was too funny to forget-
Me- do you want to eat some okra?
Mike- isn't that a whale?
Me- that's an orca... 

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