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July 15, 2014

Mike's adventure in skydiving

Last Saturday, we headed up the airport for their fly-in breakfast. We had already eaten so we were just going so we could look at the planes and the fire station had trucks there too.  Before we even pulled in the parking lot we saw the skydivers. Mike was excited already.  We walked around for a while and then we made the decision that he would sign up to skydive!  He was so excited, but I could also tell he was pretty nervous.  He had on flip flops so I ran home to get his shoes and I grabbed the cameras too.  After he jumped we also purchased their pictures since I didn't get very good ones from the ground. I lost him in the sun light and missed all of the landing- oops! Here's the video I made of what I did take and some of the good pictures.  

I also have to share some of the funny pictures and remind you that if you go skydiving- keep your mouth closed lol 

Sorry Mike, but those pictures are just too funny to keep to ourselves. 

I would love to do this someday, but I might cry or pee from fear.  It's definitely on my bucket list and I'm glad Mike got to cross it off of his.