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January 1, 2017

6 & 7 months

How is time going so fast? Max is almost 8 months but here's his 6 & 7 month photos. He's up to almost 18 pounds. He can't be contained. He's army crawling everywhere. Everything goes in his mouth. We started giving him baby puffs and small pieces of our food whenever we eat. We're totally skipping baby food. He just has his two bottom teeth still. Not consistently sleeping through the night but only waking once around 1am and then up for good around 6:30 when the big kids get up for school.

October 25, 2016

Max's weekly/monthly photos

Well, life with three kids is BUSY!  I made it to 6 weeks before I starting falling behind on his weekly photos. It's now transitioned to monthly photos. Much more manageable for me.  Here's weeks 4-6. and his 3-5 month photos. He's already 5 months old!!

June 8, 2016

Max is 3 weeks old

Time is flying by now that summer is here and we don't have a routine. Max is already 3 weeks old. He's about 10 lb 8 oz. and is officially out of newborn clothes. Not all newborn clothes fit him but I had a few little rompers that did, but now he's in 0-3 months.

June 6, 2016

Max is two weeks old

Max turned two weeks old this past Wednesday. According to my scale he's about 10 lb 5 oz already. He sleeps about 3-4 hours at a time at night, nurses and then goes back to sleep so not much to complain about there. He's been awake more during the day and following us with his eyes. He turns his head when he hears the big kids talking too. Mason has yet to hold him (he doesn't like babies), but he has finally started talking to him and booping his nose. Small steps lol 

Mid sneeze face hahah!


May 27, 2016

Maxton is one week old

Maxton is already one week old. He's been a good little guy. Just eating and sleeping really. His one week dr. appointment he weighted 9 lb 12 oz so he's already back to and over his birth weight which is good and everything else looks good too.

December 4, 2012

Weeks 32-35

At Mason's doctor's appointment this week he weighed 15.5lbs and is 28 1/2 inches tall.  

October 15, 2012

6 months old

I cannot believe Mason is already 6 months old! He had his 6 month check up the week before his half birthday. He weighed in at 13 lbs .01 oz, 28 inches tall and his head is 18 inches around. He's growing good except his weight is still low. He can roll all over the place now. And today I noticed his top tooth looks like it's starting to coming in (he already has 2 bottom ones) He's getting pretty good at sitting up, but it's hard to balance that GIANT head. HAHA!  He sleeps about 11 hours a night and only wakes once or twice to eat depending on what time he goes to bed for the night. Overall, he's a good little guy and we love him to pieces! 

22-27 weeks old

Half a year old already!
He's wearing his hat from the hospital. It just barely fit.