March 11, 2016

Almost done! Baby #3 Update

I can't believe I'm already 30 weeks. The time is just flying by. I am now into the every other week doctor appointments. And the weather is getting warmer so we're doing more stuff so I'm sure the next 10 weeks will go by even faster.

I had my glucose test almost 2 weeks ago, and I passed that! I was super nervous about not passing because since Mason was so big we all thought for sure I had gestational diabetes but it just wasn't picked up on the test with him.

As of my appointment last night I have gained 20 pounds so far. Baby's heartbeat was 140 bpm and everything was looking good. This baby is super active, especially at bed time.

We still don't know gender, but the kids are having fun guessing and coming up with names. Mason is pretty set on naming the baby Minecraft. I have a feeling he's going to be upset when we don't pick that.

I'll update again after my 32 weeks appointment.

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