June 7, 2013

Crock Pot Freezer Meals

When we have nice weather we spend a lot of time outside. Before I know it, it's 8pm and I haven't even thought about dinner. I decided the other day to make up some freezer meals and since I can't start cooking at bed time, I decided to make some crock pot meals so that I could just throw them in and continue on with my day. I went shopping for all my ingredients and then when everyone was in bed I started assembling. It took me about 2 hours to put everything together and clean up so that's not bad at all.  I tried to pick recipes that were more summery and that the kids would also like so I didn't have to make 2 meals every day.  I searched on pinterest for a while and gathered up my 7 recipes from several different pages.

I made- 

I labeled all my freezer bags with what's inside and how long to cook them so I don't have to pull the recipe out when I decide to make them.  I also wrote any other notes like add water or shred chicken once cooked. After the bags were full I laid them flat to freeze. Once they're frozen I can stand them up in my deep freezer and they don't take up as much space this way.

I will post individual recipes and more pictures once I cook them up, but for now, do you have any good freezer meals to share? 

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