June 24, 2013

California Day 1

Our vacation started with a 4am wake up to head to the airport. Our flight left at 6am and was 4 hours long. Mason was awake the whole time! Marley slept the whole time! You win some, you lose some.  Once we landed and got our luggage and car we headed south to San Diego. My dad wanted to check out the USS Midway Museum. While we were there I deleted all the pictures on my camera on accident while I was waiting for Marley and my parents to do a tour (oops!). We were there for a few hours before heading back to Anaheim to our hotel. It was a tiring day, but we were up early on day 2 to head to the beach!

The view off the ship.

Marley earned her wings for completing the kids portion of the tour.

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