June 28, 2013

California Day 5

On our fifth day, Marley, Mike, Mason, my mom and I all headed to California Adventure. My dad went out on his own to see some military things. We immediately headed for Cars Land to get our fast passes for the Radiator Springs Racers. While my mom waited for those with Mason, Mike and I took Marley on the Tower of Terror.  She was okay with it until we got off and then she started crying.  I think we traumatized her because she keeps talking about it and it was almost a week ago. Oops! Mike had to go back to work tomorrow so he only got to spend the morning with us before he had to head off to the airport. We were sad to see him go =(

The view from the top of the ferris wheel

The Tower of Terror 

Marley got picked to dance with the street band. 

Her light up ears for the World of Color water show. 

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