January 6, 2014

And it's SOLD!

Exactly 6 months after listing our house for sale we accepted an offer on it!! Over the six months it was listed I would say we had maybe 10 showings and we dropped the price once but we finally got an offer. 

That was back in October, it took 2 months to complete all the FHA repairs, paperwork and everything else that was involved, but just 2 days after Christmas we closed on it. 

These are the final pictures just an hour before closing. It was a little emotional for me because we bought the house when Marley was just 4 months old and to me it was our first "family" home. Even though we lived somewhere else before it just wasn't the same when we moved out of there. 

FHA required us to put up a railing on the stairs along with a few other "required" fixes

You can see some of the before pictures from when we bought the house here if you want. 

We are currently living in our rental until until spring time (moving in the snow wasn't fun at all) While we're here we are doing some small upgrades so I will be posting those as we get to them. 

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