January 7, 2013

My 2013 grocery challenge

I have decided to challenge myself to something for the year. My goal is to spend no more than $1000 on groceries for the entire year!

Few things first before I dive into the challenge. I am starting the year with a full fridge, deep freezer and cabinet of canned foods. I have at least 15 dinners in there already so I have a head start.

My family has 4 people in it, but Mason doesn't eat yet, and Marley eats small portions. We only eat cereal for breakfast and Mike isn't home for lunch so that will help me out a lot because we'll be able to eat left overs or "kid" food for lunch.

Okay, enough blabbing. My first grocery stop of 2013 was to Target. I spent $52.11 and got $10 back in gift cards to use on my next purchase. My next stop was our local grocery store to get the remaining items for our month of dinners, spending $20.40 (more on that tomorrow)

I will try to include a picture of each trip so you all can see what I'm getting and see that I'm not just feeding my family chicken nuggets and mac & cheese for dinner each night. And I will continue to post my dinner recipes that will now be made using what I buy as part of my "challenge"

$1000-$52.11-$20.40= $927.49 left.

This is my first trip. I ended up getting 40 items and spending $52.11

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