April 28, 2013

This little housey went to market

On April 18th we officially put our house up for sale. We bought the house back in 2008. It's a cute little house, but we've outgrown it and we're wanting more land and less neighbors.  

I posted back in October of 2011 some pictures of the house when we bought it and during our renovation process. Now that it's mostly all done it's a little weird honestly. I'm used to always having some project going on. 

Half of the living room

View from the front door.

Half of the kitchen. 

The kitchen

Dining room

Our room. 

Downstairs bathroom

Office space at the top of the stairs

Marley and Mason's room. 

Hallway to bathroom and attic.

and upstairs bathroom. 

This house has come a long way since we bought it and we hope someone will enjoy it as much as we have!!

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