April 25, 2013

Mushroom Chicken Pasta

We went grocery shopping and Marley picked out some mushrooms. I hate mushrooms with a passion!  Then when dinner time came she was begging me to make her mushrooms for dinner. I just kind of winged it but she's been talking about this mushroom chicken stuff ever since. She even said she wanted to eat it everyday. 

Chicken breasts
olive oil

Pour olive oil into pan. Add chicken and cook thoroughly until no longer pink.

Mix in mushrooms and cook a little longer. I also added some more olive oil just to make sure everything was coated. 

While doing all of the above also cook your pasta.  Drain pasta and return to pan. Mix in chicken and mushrooms and stir until everything is nicely coated with the olive oil. 

That's it. It was pretty good. Mike poured some red spaghetti sauce on his. If we would of had alfredo sauce I would of had that on mine, but it was pretty tasty just how it was (Marley ate my mushrooms) 

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