December 5, 2012

November Marley Talk

Me- kiddo we need to get an elf on the shelf.
Marley- how about a bunny on the shelf.
Me- no its an elf.
Marley- well I want a bunny because I don't like when things rhyme.

Driving past Mike's old job
Marley- Dad, there's the work that you hated.

Talking after we got home on Thanksgiving
Mike- I hate Christmas
Marley- Why do you hate it, you get presents.
Me- it's not about the presents.
Marley- and cookies too.

After seeing Santa. Marley comes walking over to us with her candy cane and says "Santa doesn't even know I don't like these"

Me- we're going to see Santa again at the fishy place (Bass Pro Shop)
Marley- why, we already saw santa
Me- well brother didn't because he was asleep
Marley- maybe that wasn't the right santa

Again talking about Santa
Marley- that santa we saw was just a lady in a costume
Me- A LADY?!

Marley- "when I get married, I want a pet butterfly"

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