December 3, 2012

Jack- Week Three

Night Fourteen
Riding a ladybug decoration.

Night Fifteen 
He hung this wreath up, but didn't finish making it...yet.

Night Sixteen

Night Seventeen
Marley had been playing with playdoh all day so that night Jack decided he wanted to play too. Marley was upset in the morning though because she wanted to use the scissors. Since you can't touch Jack I had to grab the scissors and pull them from his hands so Marley could play with them.

Night Eighteen
Jack was really tired and forgot to fly back to Santa- oops!

Night Nineteen
Jack found a friend to play blocks with.

Night Twenty

Dining with baby.  This was in Marley's room, she went up to play later and didn't want him in there so I had to scoop him into a basket and carry him downstairs. HA! 

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