January 7, 2016

We're married! Our wedding day June 20th, 2015

So, since I haven't posted anything since February 2015 there's a lot to catch up on. The biggest thing being our wedding! I have a few posts with the DIY decorations we did and stuff like that, but this post is all about our actual wedding day.

We got married on June 20th, 2015. Our colors were yellow and gray with a sunflower theme. Our wedding party consisted of my sister, best friend, and niece, Mike's best friend, my brother and his nephew.  Marley was the flower girl and Mason was the ring bearer.  My dad got ordained so he performed the ceremony. We had the same photographer that took our family/engagement pictures last year.

We each wrote our own vows (Mike wrote his on the back of Marley's chore cards, too funny) It was a short and sweet (and hot) ceremony and then we took photos and were off to the reception.

For the reception, we  rented out a local church hall. We did all the decorations the night before, and had food catered from Panda Express (one of our favorites) Mike and I had our first dance to Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars. 

I danced with my dad to Daddy Dance with Me by Krystal Keith and Mike danced with his sister to John Legend's All of Me. 

My cousin, Nikki, made the cake and 100 cupcakes. We had banana cake with cream cheese frosting with banana pudding and sliced bananas inside. It was amazing! 

She had about an hour drive from her house to the hall and by the time she went to put the cake out it was actually falling apart and the pudding was oozing out. She had about 10 minutes to fix it and she did amazing!

Then the real party started. We had about 75 people attend and I hope everyone had as much fun as Mike and I did.  

All photos in this post were taken by Nichole Goodrich Photography 

We partied hard and before we knew it it was time to go home. But the fun didn't end there, in the morning we were off to Miami for our honeymoon cruise to Cozumel and Key West! 

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