January 11, 2016

Growing to FIVE!?

Another big memory from 2015 for us what finding out that I am pregnant!!  Baby M #3 will be here in May 2016!

I found out when I was just 4 weeks! Crazy early compared to my first two pregnancies. Mike and I are very excited, the kids on the other hand...

Since I had a c-section with Mason I am going to hopefully VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) this time. I've found a great, super supportive doctors office that is known for their VBAC success.  As of today I am 23 weeks and have been feeling really good. The baby has been kicking and moving around for the last 6 or so weeks and loves to get really active at bedtime. We had our anatomy ultrasound the other day, but we've decided not to find out the gender for real this time. (That was the plan with Mason, but I couldn't wait)  I've gained about 10 lbs so far which is less than with the first two, but I also wasn't taking care of 2 kids those times, so I'm more active this time around. Ultrasound tech says baby weighs about a pound and is a foot long (made me want subway when she said that)

I'll share my belly pics in another post and keep updating as we get closer to welcoming Baby M. 

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