August 8, 2014

Vacation Day 7

On our last day of vacation we ate breakfast with Mike's family and then headed home. 

We drove to Port Clinton, Ohio to stop at the African Safari Wildlife Park. I had purchased cheap tickets on Groupon and it was only about 30 minutes off our route so we stopped in and it was a nice break to get out of the car for a bit.  

They have a walk through zoo part with monkeys and birds and other animals that you can't feed. Then, they also have the drive-thru part where you feed the animals from your car. 

Marley loved it. Mason was a little scared at first, but we went around twice and he got to sit up front the second time though and was fine. 

After the safari we finished the 3 hour drive home, which got us home right at bed time. We were exhausted, but had so much fun on our trip. 

Hope you enjoyed coming on our vacation with us. 

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