August 6, 2014

Vacation Day 5

On our fifth day of vacation we headed to Washington, DC. 

First we went to the National Zoo. 

It was a nice zoo and it's free admission but you have to pay $22 for parking.  We only stayed for a few hours because it was so hot.  

Then we headed to White House and the National Mall.  We parked up near the White House and then walked to the museums. It's pretty far and it was still hot so it wasn't fun at all. 

Best part of the trip for Mike was petting and feeding a squirrel. 

We went into the Museum of Natural History. I picked this one because I thought the kids would like it the most and I wanted to see if it was the same as in the Night at the Museum movie. 

After we left the museum we headed back to the car since we only payed for 2 hours of parking.  However, we didn't read all of the 15 parking signs posted on the numerous poles around where we parked and you can't park there after 3:30 and we arrived at 2:30 so we ended up getting a ticket since we didn't get back to the car until almost 5pm.  OOPS!  

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