August 1, 2014

Vacation Day 2- Sesame Place

On day 2 of vacation, which is now Sunday, we arrived bright and early at Sesame Place.  We had breakfast reservations for Cookie's Country Breakfast Character meal.  It was outdoors under a pavilion, and was a buffet breakfast.  

The characters made their way around to each table, and Mason didn't want any part of it. 

By the end of the meal he was getting a little better, but still not thrilled with these giant characters. 

Our breakfast was done around 9:30 and the park doesn't open until 10 so we got extra time in the park before it opened to the public which was nice since we didn't know what we wanted to do first. 

This was our first ride of the day, and Mason didn't like that either even though it looks like he's having fun. 

It wasn't very crowded at all so we rode every ride, some twice.  

This is the Let's Play Together Show. It was pretty neat because the characters were so close. The kids enjoyed that a lot. 

We left around lunch time to go check into our hotel, grab some lunch and relax for a while. We headed back in the early evening to ride some more rides and grab some dinner. All kids meals come with a souvenir cup and plate which was nice, cause that meant we didn't have to buy more souvenirs.  We stuck around for the Neighborhood Street Party Night Parade.  I loved how they stopped and danced for several songs. I had done some searching before on tips for visiting Sesame Place, so I found out the best spot to sit during the parade (between the fire station and Abby's Surf Shop) so they were right in front and came up to the kids several times. Very cool parade! 

After the parade ended we headed to our hotel to rest for day 2 of Sesame Place! 

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