July 5, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Accepted

Two blogs that I read every day while feeding Mason are hosting-

Young House Love and Bower Power are great DIY blogs. I mentioned the Pinterest Challenge a while back when I installed this bar under the kitchen sink.  When I did that I was to late to actually join in on their challenge, but this time I have accepted their "challenge" and have my "pin" done on time five days early!

I actually first saw this idea on Young House Love's instagram photo.  After browsing Pinterest for the actual recipe/instructions I came across them here and drove to the store the next day for cinnamon rolls. It is fairly easy to do and smells wonderful!

The first time I made them I used Pillsbury mini-bites. They were more flat then the regular rolls so it didn't turn out as good as they did when I used the regular cinnamon rolls this morning.  I did notice if you open the waffle iron too early that they were splitting in half. Nothing awful, but just a side note. Here's a little photo play by play of the whole process-

Here's what you need. 

Just set it in and shut the lid. I waited about 2-3 minutes and then took them out.

I put the icing on while they're still warm. YUM! 

You know they're good when you get a thumbs up from Marley. 

 I love them so much I could probably eat them for breakfast everyday.

Besides participating in YHL and BP's challenge, I've also decided to challenge myself in a way. I have decided that I will try, key word here is try, to make a new recipe that I have found on Pinterest every day. Whether it be for breakfast or dinner or just a snack.  Every night I will report back on what we all thought of the food. So consider this post my first recipe review!

Waffle iron cinnamon rolls receive an A+


  1. I found the recipe on Pinterest, too. I made these last week when it was 90 degrees outside and I wanted something sweet...yummy!!

  2. Oh my goodness! My boys will love these for breakfast on a school day. Thanks so much for the idea.

    I would love for you to hop over to my blog. I just finished posting all about my daughter's Sofia the First Birthday party (all done on a budget).

  3. These look really delicious. Thanks for sharing them with us on foodie friday.

  4. Those look amazing. I got an error when I tried to follow you on Pinterest.

  5. That's cool! And they were done enough after only a few minutes?

    1. Yes, these were the smaller cinnamon rolls though, not the giant cinnabon ones.

  6. What a fun challenge and these cinnamon rolls are irresistible! Thanks for linking up with What's Cookin' Wednesday!

  7. What a yummy idea, I will have to try this one. Thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and have a very special Christmas week!
    Miz Helen