July 18, 2013


I came across a local mom's blog. I read every one of her blog posts in 2 days. On her page she linked to Life Rearranged where she hosts InstaFriday. I've seen other blogs participating in these, but never really got it until now. I am almost a week late, but I had my pictures ready to post last week, that still counts right?! 

If you are on instagram I'm growingto4  

My niece came and stayed the night last week. I painted her 20 nails 20 different colors, which meant Marley also needed hers done, so there's 20 more nails 20 different colors. 

This is what the car looks like when we have a showing on our house, except usually I have Marley in there too (she was at grandmas) 

Jumping at Fair Oaks Diary Farm 

Visiting the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago 

Drive in to see Monsters University and Despicable Me 2

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