July 5, 2013

Deer Forest

Up in Coloma, Michigan about an hour from us is a place called Deer Forest. It's been open for a long time, and I've seen pictures of us all there when we were younger, but I don't remember going.  My mom, Mike, Marley and I went in 2011 for my birthday and Marley has talked about it since. The other day we decided to head up there again. It was a rainy day and I'm pretty sure we were the only ones there, but we still had fun and will definitely be back before they close for the winter. 

I don't remember it at all from when I was younger, but now it's mostly a petting zoo and some rides. Since it was raining Marley only went on one ride, but we walked around twice feeding all the animals. I'm sure they loved us because we fed them a lot!   They are recently under new management and it looks like they're fixing things up pretty nicely. 

These mini horses were so cute! Mike kept thinking the mom was going to bite him but they were adorable! 

Hanging out in the jail house. 

Obviously Deer Forest has deer,  however, they are a new herd of deer so when they saw us coming they all ran into their "houses" so we didn't get to pet or feed a single deer. We were told that they will take about a season to get used to the people. Last time we came we could hardly keep the deer away from us so we can't wait to come back and feed them! 

I loved these huge horses, they were so beautiful!

The kids crashed out on the way home. 

We had a really nice time. If you live close to Coloma and haven't been to Deer Forest, you should definitely check it out!

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