November 2, 2012

Lions and tigers and... an ear of corn!

We had a nice Halloween this year.  It started off with Marley's school Halloween party. I volunteered to be a party planner for her class so I got to help with the games during her party. They played pin the nose on the pumpkin, hot pumpkin (potato) and they stuck their hands in gooey food looking for spiders and eye balls!

After the party and after we picked up Mason from grandma's we went trick or treating. After about an hour Marley said she was done so we headed back to Uncle Bob's house where Marley handed out some candy. I think she liked that more than getting the candy.  Mason didn't wear his costume on Halloween night because it was so cold out. Because of Marley naming him Corn Tuck a Tuck, it was only fitting that his costume was an ear of corn!

We have so much candy! We've limited Marley to a piece or two a day, but I think we'll still have some candy left next year!

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