November 16, 2012

Jack- Week One

Night One

His first night out and he didn't even make it back inside before morning! When Marley woke up and saw this she screamed and ran back into her room crying. She wouldn't leave her room until I came up there and carried her downstairs. She is terrified of him! Maybe if he's doing more fun stuff she'll like him a little better. 

Night Two

Going fishing. Marley come down and went to the bathroom and didn't say anything, so when Mike went in there he noticed that Jack was swimming with the fishes. So he set him back up there while Marley was searching the house for Jack and she eventually saw him. All day she was talking to him and laughing because he was on the tub in the dark. Much better reaction to him today than yesterday. 

Night Three

Roasting marshmallows. Marley immediately saw him up on the stove and thought it was so funny that he was roasting a marshmallow. She wanted me to light his candle/fire for him though! 

Night Four

Just going for a ride with a sock monkey on a dinosaur.

Night Five

It took Marley a while to find him here but when she did she cracked up laughing. She seemed a little happy that since he was in there he couldn't actually see her. 

Night Six  

Going for a ride on a remote control truck. Thanks for the help baby doll. 

Night Seven 

Just hanging out on the towel bar in the bathroom. 

I'm already running out of ideas of what to do with him. I think our biggest problem is that you can't touch him, so I can't put him anywhere that will require us to have to move him. I've seen ideas online of things to do, but we don't have a lot of extra tables or places to set him that would allow him to stay there all day. Maybe once we get our Christmas decorations up that will help a little too. 

Is anyone else doing the Elf on the Shelf this year? I would love to hear some other ideas of what to do with him.

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