August 3, 2012

July Marley talk

For a long time I've said that I need to write down the silly things that Marley says. Of course, I get busy and forget to then I forget what she even said. Well, that's changing now!  This will be a monthly post of all the silly and weird things she says.

After taking a picture of Mason and showing it to me-
Me- "HA! He looks scared"
Marley- "no he doesn't, he looks impressive"

This conversation happened after I explained the tooth fairy to her-
Marley- "that fairy isn't real"
Me- "what, why not?"
Marley- "Cause nobody is as small as a mouse"

At Meijer's with my mom, Marley kept asking to get a bag of popcorn and I told her no because we had popcorn at home-
Marley- "I'm getting popcorn" (while putting the bag in the cart)
Me- "No, you're not" (while taking the bag out of the cart)
Marley- "if it touches the cart, it stays in the cart"

Talking to Auntie Pam Pam- " Pam Pam can I have some root beard"

Showing grandma her coloring pages that Mike printed for her- "here's spiderman, the hulk, and here's a dumb ballerina"

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