August 31, 2012

August Marley talk

Here's the August edition of Marley talk.

After brushing her teeth
Marley- "are they shiny?"
Me- "so shiny"
Marley- "shiny as my grandma's floor?"

At a yard sale. Marley stayed in the van with the door open and Mike and I went up. The people having the sale had a bike, which Mike was looking at and a puppy that I was looking at.
Marley's yelling from the van- "I wanna pet the puppy",
Mike is talking to the lady about the bike. She tells him he can take it for a ride
Marley then yells-"I wanna ride the puppy"

This conversation happened between Marley and her bff Gracie-
M & G- in the back seat talking about poop
Me- "okay, let's stop talking about poop
Marley- "yah Gracie, no more poop"
Gracie- "okay, what about pee"

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