January 11, 2012

Movin' on up...

Remember this post here about us moving Marley's room upstairs? Well we've finally started working on that. However, things changed a little.

See in this picture the room in the top left corner? That was originally going to be the nursery. We've since decided to make that Marley's room, and have the baby downstairs with us for at least the first month or so.

Mike's been working for only about 2 days and he's made some great progress so far. All the "fun" stuff is done, and now it's time to mud and sand all the drywall. That is definitely not fun, and it's very messy.

Here's our progress so far...

This is the upstairs from the stop of the stairs looking into the room. This was taken the day we bought our house. 

Now it looks like this! The hallway on the right leads to the bathroom. The jut out on the left is the closet in the room. 
Here's the view looking back from inside her room. Closet on the right. Not sure what kind of door we're going to get on there. It's about 3 feet smaller than her room now, but for some reason it seems bigger.  
She decided she wants her room painted brown. A few days before she decided on brown she said she wanted blue, so we'll see what we finally end up with. We should have it all done in a few weeks. Just need to finish all the drywall up, paint, carpet, put up trim and then switch all her stuff up here and the rest of our stuff down stairs (most of our stuff is out of this room, either on the other side of the wall or in our dining room).  We'll also have to paint downstairs since her current room is pink and I don't think Mike likes the idea of having a pink bedroom.  We also put in a new window up here and a new fan (it's so cute) I have pictures on my other camera of it so I'll share that in the next update (which will hopefully be once we're finished!)

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