January 19, 2012

95% done

We are so close to being done with moving Marley upstairs, us downstairs, and creating a little office upstairs too.  Marley's room just needs trim around the bottom, door and window. Our room just needs clothes put away, and the baby stuff set up.  The office still needs all it's drywall done, flooring done, and some major organization.  So far Marley seems to really like her room. She has almost all of her toys up there (which I love!)  Her bed is a reversible loft bed. When she was downstairs she slept on the bottom. We switched up when we moved her upstairs. She freaked out at bed time as asked us to flip it back over. We did and she was fine after that.  The next day she asked us to flip it back over so she's on top again... We did, and so far so good. Here's the picture timeline of the whole progress.

Marley's old room downstairs- AAHH It's a mess! 

Bye bye pink paint...

Priming upstairs. 

New paint. Marley said she wanted blue. Mike picked this out. She said she didn't like it, it's not blue it's green were her exact words. 

CARPET! I have this weird pregnancy thing where I LOVE to vacuum. I'm not going to lie, I've vacuumed her room 4 times already...

It's done! 

Our room downstairs. 

Our headboard is about 3 inches too long for that wall so it extends into the closet. Baby Corn's crib will also be in this closet (not the one with the door haha)

So there it is. It took us about 8 days so far. Like I said all that's left is little touch up stuff.  I love not having toys in the living room and I think Marley loves having her own little space upstairs.

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