September 23, 2011

I fear for my sanity!

Before we found out that Marley was a girl, Mike really wanted a boy.  He wanted a little buddy to ride 4 wheelers with and have fun with.  I, however, really wanted a girl. Someone to dress up and do cheerleading and gymnastics, and all that girly stuff.  Well, little did we know Marley would be perfect for both of us! She does cheerleading and sometimes likes to do girly stuff, but she also has a tomboy side to her too.  She loves digging in the dirt and getting muddy. We have a go-kart and a 4-wheeler and she loves riding those and going fast.  So all in all, both Mike and I got what we wanted.

Now, this is where I get worried.  If the baby is a girl that's all fine and dandy cause she can do the girly stuff and the boyish stuff, like Marley does. But if it's a boy, I'm really in trouble.  Boys can't really do all that girly stuff.  So we'll have another "Little Daddy" Which is what I usually refer to Marley as. (Oh and we aren't finding out the gender until the baby decides to enter the world)

This is Marley at Deep River Park in the river. 

This is Mike stuck in some water on a trail. 

How will I handle Mike, Marley and the new baby all out riding 4-wheelers and being crazy?!

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