September 1, 2011

Adding a fourth

Well, here's where the story begins I guess.  We found out towards the end of July that I am pregnant! Or as Marley would say 'mommy has a baby in her belly'  As of today, I am currently 11 weeks along.  From about the 6th-9th week I was extremely tired and wasn't feeling good for the first part of the day.  Then one day I woke up and just felt "normal" again.  I'm not going to lie, this scared me a little.  However, I had my first ultrasound on August 25th and saw the little heartbeat just a pumping away.  We also got to see it's little arms move.  Of course, it's been 4 years since I was pregnant with Marley, but I don't remember seeing her little heartbeat and when I mentioned this to Mike he said he doesn't remember seeing her move until she was much bigger.  So that was definitely a neat experience.

Little baby at 10 weeks. Head is on the right. Can see a little arm sticking up.

So, for now we're just doing our normal thing. Trying to get Marley excited about being a big sister and answering all of her questions about when the baby is going to come out, why can't it come out now, and all those fun 3 year old questions.  We're in the process of looking for a 3 bedroom house, but we're not rushing into anything since the next place we move will be where we stay since Marley will start school in a couple years =(

This blog is going to just be a way for us to share all the excitement of adding a new member to our little family and to show what's going on in our life on a daily basis. Sounds exciting right?!

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