December 27, 2011

Meet Annabelle

My friend Laura that I've known since 6th grade finally had her baby! She was due on Christmas day but ended up being born on the 17th (A day after Laura's birthday)  They live in Ohio and originally hadn't planned on coming out here until the middle of January =(  Laura texted me on the 23rd and said she was coming out here this week! This made my Christmas. haha! So, here she is- Annabelle Christine. Born Dec. 17th. 5lbs 13 oz. She's so cute and so tiny!

Love that little nose! 

Marley and Annabelle. Marley was very good around her. I'll admit I was a little scared on the drive over that Marley was going to be a crazy child. 

Annabelle, Jacki (22 weeks pregnant), Me (28 weeks), Marley, and Laura

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