January 28, 2015

Let them eat cake!

A regular part of wedding planning is cake tasting. My cousin is making our cake for our wedding so we most likely won't be doing a cake tasting. However, a local bakery did a public cake tasting this past weekend. Anyone could go, you just had to pay per person. I immediately signed us up, because one, it would be neat to have a cake tasting during our wedding planning and two, who doesn't like cake!?

There were seven different flavors.  Pumpkin spice, pink champagne, turtle, white with strawberry filling, carrot, lemon yogurt with raspberry filling, and banana. 

We got our cake and sat down and Mike started shoveling it in. I don't think he even tasted it he was just chowing down.  His favorite was the turtle one. 

I sat down and took the time to pose for a picture before I too started shoveling it in. It was so good.  I tried not to eat all of it but I couldn't save any of the pink champagne one, it was too good. 

We brought home a small box of cake for the kids. It was a lot of fun and so delicious. 

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