July 28, 2014

Kids Road Trip Activity Packet

So, we just got back from vacation last week and I wanted to share the activity packet I put together for Marley to do. We were in the car for a total of 30 hours over the last week, but she actually used this more while we were out of the car. She mostly slept in the car, which was nice too.

First I searched pinterest and other websites for activity pages. I printed them on a fourth of the page and upside down so when I folded them it made a little book.  Then I stapled in the middle to keep them from falling all over the place. 

I also printed out some blank bingo sheets and filled those in with things I knew she would see while we were driving. I made two copies, but put the items in different spots so I could play along too. 

I printed out some coloring pages too. She had these colored in no time. 

I punched holes in all the big pages and stuck them in a trapper keeper that my mom gave me. I also put some crayons and colorwonder pages and markers in there too along with some plain computer paper so she could make her own art work.  

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