June 13, 2012

We got a roof over our heads

Over the past fours years living here our roof has "gone bad." The front side of our house in always in the sun because there are no trees out there. And with our BIG 45 degree angle roof it too is always in the sun. Let's just say it's seen better days.  My dad stopped by to help out and over the course of a few days we got it done, but not without some snags along the way...

Day one started out like this. We took the awning down that was over the door. Once we did that the gutter fell down too. The board behind the gutter was rotten so it was just resting on top of the awning. 

Day one ended with all the shingles being taken off and the tar paper all up.  That's about as far as Mike made it because we got shut down by the city inspector.  See that little rectangle in the window below on the left? Yah, that's a permit that we had to get to continue working. You need one of those so they can make sure that you have ice and water shield on your roof. That black strip along the bottom edge of the roof is the shield stuff.  Once we had the permit Mike was all set to continue working. 

He's a good worker!

All done! Notice anything ugly in the above picture? Those nasty porch lights had to go. For one, the right one was home to a momma bird for a while until she abandoned her eggs. And the one on the left doesn't have it's cover. So off to Menard's we went. We found some white lights we liked, but they were $19 a piece. We then found these for $18 for two.

We decided to go with these since they're half the price of the white ones, and then we bought a can of white spray paint. Mike sprayed them while I supervised.

Zeus supervised too!

Once the paint dried for 24 hours we hung them up. (I've been typing we throughout this whole post, but Mike's done all the work until now) 

ALL DONE!  Just need to wait for gutters to go on sale and we'll be all set. 

(Side note- my nice landscaping that I did here is ruined! It's full of shingle pieces and my bushes got smooshed during the demo process of roofing. So, we'll be taking it all out and redoing it eventually)

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