May 2, 2012

That's pinteresting!

Ever since we got our front door I have been a little scared that I would look out there at night and see someone looking in at me.  Not to mention, when people come over this is what they can see

When I see that, I want to turn and run so who knows what strangers think. LOL!

Well I found an idea on Pinterest and I got to work.  All it took was some $6 contact paper.  I actually spent more time in Wal-Mart looking for the contact paper than it took me to put it up.  All I had to do was trace the stencil on the contact paper, cut them all out, and stick them up.  I also decided to do the kitchen window because it had this sticky stuff on it from the previous owner. I think they had a stained glass sticker on there or something.  So here's the pictures, they pretty much speak for themselves.

Front door looking out before. 

Kitchen window looking out. Before. 
Kitchen window after. Still ugly-ish, but hopefully better. 

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