April 9, 2012


On the 27th I had my 40 weeks appt. Since I was now at this point overdue they scheduled me for a nonstress test at the hospital. Basically this test is to see if his heart rate rises or falls when he moves to see if his stressed. All I had to do was lay there and push a button when he moved.  We were supposed to go on Monday the 2nd at 2pm. They couldn't fit me in so I ended up going on the morning of the 3rd.  Everything looked good. His heart rate was good when he was moving around and nothing came up abnormal.  Once we left there I had my doctors appointment.  Since I was at this point 7 days late and he showed no sign of coming on his own we set up a time for me to be induced. We were to be at the hospital at 7am on Thursday the 5th... (this is the last time I was weighed, and all together I gained 40lbs)

41 weeks

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