November 18, 2011

22 weeks and SANTA!

I am currently 22 weeks pregnant. So far I've gained about 15 pounds. I feel pretty good all the time. Though today while at the hardware store I did have to run outside to get some fresh air cause I felt like I was going to pass out. Little boy is kicking away every night.

 I have a little buddy in this picture. Marley just had to get in there at the last second.  Marley has said for months that she hates dresses =(  I had at least 10 dresses that my mom had bought her, I either sold them or gave them back to my mom because Marley refused to wear them.  Well, when Marley said she wanted to go see Santa, I told her she had to wear a dress. She gladly agreed to wear it. After she put it on she even said she likes dresses now.  I know she'll wake up tomorrow and say she hates them again, but for a few hours it was nice to have a little fancy girl in a dress!

That's a Marley original pose

She told Santa she wants a yo-yo for Christmas. Afterwards she told me that Santa is cool. 

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