October 10, 2011

Our house

We bought this house in July of 2008. 
I just wanted to share some photos of our house. We've owned the house for three years, but we didn't move in until Nov. 2008 because there were lots of renovations to make.  We are currently still working on stuff and our newest renovation will be the upstairs unfinished attic space.  Right now the house is 2 bedrooms and 1.5 baths. We are going to finish the upstairs and add another bedroom.  (More on that later) Enjoy the before and after photos!

The four squares are a fireplace heating system.  In the far right picture we removed two of the vents and hid the remaining two. We also painted the surround and got a new mantle.

We took out the window. It was weird because it was behind the stairs.  We also took out the wall where the fridge is in the first picture.  
We put in a new tub surround, shower head, and new vanity (not shown) 
On the left is how our upstairs looks now. On the right is our plan for before the baby comes. We will be moving into Marley's current room.  (Mike told me these are not right at all and it won't look like this since it's not to scale, but I had fun making them)
Here are a couple more pictures of some small improvements I've been doing around the house.

Got all 3 plants for $15
Added some landscaping to the front. I'm not done, but being 4 months pregnant kind of limits what I can do.
I painted all the frames black, then hung then on the wall near our stairs.  

Most have pictures of Marley, but some of her artwork is also on display here.

The top left picture is me when I was a baby. The frame for the long picture on the right is broken, OOPS!

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