May 26, 2012

Seven Weeks Old

May 19, 2012


Remember this from last summer?

 I planted three bushes in front of the house last summer. I didn't really do much with them until now.

I still need to finish the far right side, but there's some big limestone rocks there that I can't pick up/move so that will have to wait for Mike. The mulch, landscape fabric, and timbers only cost about $15 which isn't too bad to make this space look like it does now.  And I am far from a professional because I didn't level the ground underneath or pull any of the weeds under there either. I just figure with time and the weight of the mulch it will fix itself.

Six weeks and smiles

Mason is six weeks old now.  He's been smiling a lot lately. And I actually caught it on camera this week!

That little red bird toy is pretty funny