October 27, 2011

19 weeks

October 20, 2011

The good, the bad, and the uh-oh!

Here's the good-

18 weeks. Baby's heartbeat is right at 150.  Everything looks good so far. I also got my flu shot today.

Here's the bad-

That's an awesome bruise right? This is from about a week ago when I was mowing the grass. Something shot out and hit me right in the leg. It hurt so bad. 
And now the much anticipated uh-oh-

I was upstairs getting laundry and checking my email, and Marley yells up. " Mom I don't want my curl anymore" I instantly knew what she had done. Came downstairs and she had cut off all but an inch of her bangs. I cried, she cried, and Mike yelled. I trimmed them up a little so she didn't look so weird, but it's still not great. 

October 19, 2011

More blinds!

Once I hung up the one set of blinds, I had to do it to all our big windows.

This is our bigger window in our living room.  

Smaller window in living room 

Both windows. See that sun is harsh, but makes it so warm in there on cold sunny days. 

Dining room window.  
My next goal is all the smaller windows, but I have to wait for them to go on sale again. I ended up getting all three sets of blinds for around $50.

And here's a fun picture for you. Marley was pretending to be a puppy. Zeus looks HUGE!

Fixer Upper

We got a jump start on the upstairs bathroom this week since it's been rainy and Mike's been off work.  Normally the bathroom upstairs has about 10 boxes of Marley's old clothes in there. I sell them online (Tiny Monkey Resale )  So the first step was taking all those out of there.  Next we took out the toilet and the nasty old paneling that was in there.

As you can tell this bathroom is right off the "hallway" that leads to our bedroom.                                                               There is no door. Who needs privacy anyways?! 

This picture shows it the best. The ceiling of the bathroom is slanted. So if you're taller than me at a whopping 5ft 5 inches and you stand near the toilet, you will hit your head on the ceiling.  We can't really fix that, which is why it's perfect for 3 foot tall Marley. 

Then we made a trip to Menard's for all the supplies we would need. Since this will eventually be Marley and Corn Tuck a Tuck's bathroom, we let Marley pick out the color. She picked shocking green. Which is NEON GREEN!  We have some wood/laminate flooring already that was given to us, so we're going to use that.  And where the paneling was we are putting some more paneling, but it looks like white tile so it's a major improvement over the wood.  We also had to get 2 pieces of drywall to finish the wall in the "hallway" and some other necessities.  We ended up spending $100.75.  Not to shabby for a bathroom remodel.  So in true Mike fashion, we got home around 9pm from Menard's and went to work.  We are maybe halfway done as of right now. For a 25 sq. foot bathroom we sure are taking our sweet time.

Mike hanging the "tile" paneling. 

Our hallway wall.  Exciting huh? 
We should be done soon. Then we'll move onto the big switch a roo of our rooms. One day Marley will be so excited to be upstairs and other days she'll say she doesn't want a new room.  Silly child.